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On occasion it may be necessary to extract a child’s tooth after excessive decay or injury has made in non-restorable or if an infection is present. In such cases, you are going to want to go to the most gentle and careful 95351 kids dentist that you can find. At Kids World Dental, their expert pediatric dentist is specially trained to work with children. Providing careful, conscientious treatment, Dr. Desai does her utmost to make your child’s visit as comfortable as possible. Taking the time to address you and your child’s concerns, she will discuss the treatment options for the best possible outcome.

If extraction is necessary, your talented 95351 kids dentist will provide the gentle care required to put your child at ease. For children with significant dental anxiety or difficulty sitting in the dental chair for a procedure, an appropriate type of of dental sedation may be recommended. In some cases, nitrous oxide is a sufficiently fast acting and effective way to ease your child’s nerves during a procedure. Carefully monitored, it is a safe and commonly practiced sedative option. As your pediatric dentist is specialty trained and highly skilled in all aspects of care, all your child’s needs will be fully address throughout the procedure. Once the tooth is removed the dentist will provide comprehensive instructions for post-operative care.

Dr. Desai, your 95351 kids dentist, is a consummate professional and provides a wide variety of pediatric dental services. Every attempt to save your child’s teeth will be made, and if it is possible, she does offer some of the most advanced restorative options in the industry for treatment. For state of the art care from a quality dentist specifically oriented towards children, contact the office of Kids World Dental today.

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